Monday, May 08, 2006

Win A Bike

One ball bearing, no wait; One gleaming dense elfin orb, whirling after and before it’s siblings. Electrons circling the nucleus, planets circling the star, riders on the track. The riders like whirling dervishes howling inside. Seekers of love, truth and ‘The Perfect’.

It is said that there was a time when the dervishes whirled in search of answers for the Caliph of Turkey’s most unanswerable questions. Meditating and whirling until they dropped of exhaustion.

I don’t know anybody from Turkey, but I would like the chance to ride this way once again. Whirling hell bent for leather throughout the land.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Alena and Nelsons' Photo Album

This photo album/scrapbook was made by laminating cherry and beech together to make a 1/4" cover and back. Decorative copper was burned and set in between the lamination. The hinges are of wood and copper and the paper was hand made by Drew Cameron from the Green Door Art Studio. Alena has told me that the covers have slowly warped in opposite directions, but the hinges still work fine. I won't know how I feel about this until the next time I see it. Perhaps I'll post pictures of it's new condition.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Anne's Shed Roof

It seems like some of these would make good prints just as they are. But what about building something with the intention of creating something photogenic? Create something and then control how it is viewed. Or use it's image to create another new image.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Anne's Shed Roof

Anne's Shed Roof

Anne's Shed Roof

So, this shed roof was built as a way to keep water from the spring thaw well away from the house and woodshed. The larger portion is meant to eventually have a screened in area for summer lounging. I had fun with the joists, creating something with more visual interest than the standard shed roof. When creating the squarish shapes of wood with blue edges I was feeling inspired by Gaudi. But someone told me that they looked like text instead of texture. Thinking along this line is interesting to me. I have always liked the idea of text as image, and not literal communication. The 'text' on the ceiling has no recognizable symbols but stills feels a little familiar.